New Year . New Logo . New Studio . New Website

Moon Canyon Flowers | New Look

This year we hit the ground running! And with such wonderful {and talented} friends we have been busy giving Moon Canyon a new look.

Moon Canyon Flowers | New Look

I started this business over 2 years ago.  At that time I was wearing many many hats and built our first site from scratch. I am NOT a techy lady. Deciding to invest into the business was a 2014 resolution. But I honestly would never have been able to create this new look without the love and talent of my friends. It takes a village.

Jessica Sutton of JSGD has been sent to us from web design heaven. She has been so positive throughout this whole process. It is so funny to be the “client” so to speak. Despite me being preoccupied with weddings, holiday, and a big studio move they managed to execute a beautiful new site. JSGD made the site I have always envisioned.

Illustrator Jess Rotter is one seriously BAD ASS lady. I am blessed to call her a friend. It was a dream to have her draw up a new logo for us. I cried tears of joy when she sent me her final drawings. Inspired by our wreaths Jess’s illustration really expresses what I think Moon Canyon embodies. Wild . Deliate . Romance .

Moon Canyon Flowers | New Look

Anne Robin’s calligraphy is so beautiful. I was given her card one day and literally fell in love with it. I emailed her and said “I want YOUR card”. Simple handwriting letterpressed on soft white paper. PERFECTION. I think the marriage of Jess’s illustration and Anne’s handwriting is a match made in heaven.

Moon Canyon Flowers | New Look

Moving into a new studio was a tough decision. Its always scary to make big {and expensive} moves. Like most things in life you put the seed out into the universe and a beautiful flower grows. This is the story of the studio. I simply told a few people that I needed a space. That I had out grown my tiny studio and was ready to make a move before the busy 2014 wedding season started up. One day while shopping at the flower market Neil from Gilly Flowers who I had met this summer said…”Hey I hear you are looking for a studio. We have room if you want to share.”

“WHAT! YES!” Was my response.

We moved in Mid January and feel lucky to have such great roomies.

Anne Robin
Jess Rotter

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