Floral Encyclopedia #5


It’s been ages since I’ve updated on here! Between motherhood, moving into our new studio (can’t wait to show you guys pictures soon!), a long summer trip to Iowa to visit family and few crazy trips to Big Sur, I’ve hardly had time to sit down and post.

We did have a rare moment of calm and quiet at the studio the other day, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to catch up and post a few fun weddings and photoshoots we did this last year. We’ve had our hands in so many different things that I literally had to look through our database to trigger my memory aaand in all honesty, I think it was just my momma brain. It tends to come in to play more often that I’d like to admit :)

To kick things off, I thought I’d show you some beautiful photos taken by Brittany for our column on Jenni Kayne’s blog Rip + Tan called Floral Encyclopedia. It was all lush and tropical inspired. We scored several of my favorite, more obscure tropical blooms and plants at the market and had some fun arranging. I love working with some of the weirder, lesser known blooms – keeps things interesting and unpredictable!

You can read some of our previous Floral Encyclopedia posts herehere, and here. And I promise, there are more posts to come!




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